Data Analytics & Market Research

When clients seek insight into energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction potential of farms within their area, they turn to EnSave.


We maintain the nation’s largest repository of baseline energy use and recommendation data, culled from 25 years’ experience working with farms of all sizes and types.

Farm Data Analytics

In today’s data-driven business environment, clients turn to EnSave’s farm data analytics capabilities to better understand their customers and opportunities.

Recently, EnSave’s farm data analytics team has:

  • Presented the poultry industry with data showing vastly different energy use among otherwise-identical poultry growers.
  • Completed an agricultural energy efficiency market potential study for a large multi-state utility. Worked with their customer data and USDA databases to determine total agricultural customers, number of customers above a minimum energy usage, and associated energy efficiency potential.
  • Partnered with a state energy office to analyze the penetration of their agricultural energy efficiency program, and identify strategic areas for energy efficiency investment.
  • Provided results to leaders of the United States dairy industry of aggregate energy savings in support of 2020 goals and reporting to USDA.
EnSave was instrumental in helping us secure funding for our energy upgrade. They evaluated our utility bills and helped sort out the SBC (Systems Benefit Charge). EnSave provided assistance with every step of the project – from start to finish.
— Peter Henry, Kenneth Henry Sons, Inc., New York

FEAT Software

EnSave developed its FEAT software as a tool for energy auditing, program tracking and client reporting.


Our FEAT server houses a dataset that allows us to benchmark energy usage and predict potential savings on a large scale, which provides valuable information to shape government policy, demand-side management programs, and marketing campaigns. 


FEAT’s program tracking capabilities show project status in real time, and the built-in map function illustrates where activities occur.

FEAT can be customized for the needs of each program and client

  • Easy to Use Design
    FEAT’s form-based design provides all of the features necessary for all steps of the audit process.
  • Data Collection
    FEAT has a robust set of data collection forms, giving the user all the fields needed to perform a high quality audit.
  • Calculations & Analysis
    EnSave has leveraged 20 years of energy auditing experience into the automatic calculations and analysis features in FEAT, producing accurate and thorough audit reports. EnSave constantly refines and updates FEAT’s capabilities to incorporate the latest technologies and cost data
  • Narrative Audit Report
    FEAT automatically generates a narrative energy audit report from Using FEAT results in a high quality, user friendly audit report that includes an itemized list of energy savings measures and a narrative description of the current energy use of recommended energy efficiency improvements. The fully editable report can be automatically customized with charts, graphs, logos, cover letters, and more.
  • Management Reporting
    FEAT can also generate management reports on metrics such as number of audits completed, total energy savings from audits generated, number of measures recommended, and more.

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