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Our audits typically identify opportunities to reduce energy use by 10% to 35%.

The audit was a great educational tool. I was really surprised to see the energy savings I’d recognize by installing the lighting. It has made a difference for everyone working in the barn, not just as a production tool.
— Ralph Thomas, NY


Audits & Analysis

We provide energy audits, renewable energy assessments, and feasibility studies. We are the leading agricultural energy auditing firm in the United States and have completed over 5,000 farm energy audits. We are also a Technical Service Provider for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to provide energy audits in all 50 states.

Agricultural energy audits provide a foundation for energy management and prioritize energy saving opportunities based on their cost effectiveness.  Our audits typically identify opportunities to reduce current energy use by between 10% and 35%. When making a business decision such as upgrading equipment, an agricultural energy audit provides information to maximize the return on investment.


Each farm is unique. Our audits are customized to meet your specific needs.


Why get an energy audit?

  • Pinpoint where energy is used
  • Prioritize capital investments
  • Qualify for funding to install projects
  • Learn ROI of various technologies
  • Understand options for retrofits

Our agricultural energy audits follow a five-step process




We conduct an initial phone interview to gather preliminary information and explain what to expect from the energy audit process.



We dispatch a local energy data collector to visit the farm to verify and collect information about energy use. We have a network of over 300 data collectors throughout the United States.



Our engineers complete a thorough data analysis, including an analysis of the farm’s utility history to determine where the energy is being used. We review all fuels used on the farm.



We deliver a clear and concise narrative energy audit report including recommendations for conservation and efficiency measures and payback period for each measure.



An EnSave energy analyst follows up with the farmer to answer questions, review the energy audit’s recommendations, and discuss opportunities for implementation.

I have been in the dairy industry for over 30 years and I have never read a report that was so impressive and informative as yours. As a farmer my time is valuable. Your report was so well prepared that once I started reading it I could not put it down. I believe EnSave is fulfilling a great need in today’s dairy industry.
— Ralph Thomas, New York

Assessments & Feasibility Studies

Looking for an energy audit for a specific purpose? Our energy assessments run the gamut from preliminary analyses to investment-grade audits. We regularly complete feasibility studies for renewable energy projects, including an independent third-party review of vendor-supplied specifications, and an analysis of the energy generation capacity of the project. An independent feasibility study is required as part of the Rural Energy for America Program, and EnSave has supplied dozens of these reports to help farms and rural business clients secure funding. 


EnSave is certified as a Technical Service Provider with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to provide Agricultural Energy Management Plans (AgEMP: Conservation Activity Plan (CAP) 128)in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.



Looking for an example of our work? Check out examples of a dairy audit and poultry audit.

Sample Dairy Audit

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Sample Poultry Audit

Please click here to download a sample poultry audit.



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