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Working as the farm's procurement agent and project manager, we help you separate the "wheat from the chaff" when investigating capital projects. 



We developed EnSave Management Services (EMS) in response to a demand for unbiased, third-party assistance to navigate complex capital projects from initial scoping through commissioning.

When considering new technologies, farmers don’t have time to check every company’s credentials or sort out the best deal. EnSave Management Services (EMS) serves as a procurement agent and project manager to help select projects that improve the profitability of farming operations while leaving the technical analysis to us.

In tough times like these, it’s important to know companies like EnSave are out there to help.
— Joe Azevedo, California Dairy Farmer

The primary focus areas of EMS are energy efficiency, solar PV, and manure management.

Drawing on 25 years of industry knowledge and our reputation as a trusted third-party expert, EnSave provides farms with:

  • Unbiased decision support and experienced project oversight
  • Solicitation and evaluation of vendor proposals
  • Oversight of project implementation
  • Advocacy of the farm’s interests
  • Identification of leveraged funds (grants, loans, tax credits) to maximize return on investment


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