4 energy-saving Fixes that will save you money


EnSave’s Engineering Team Lead and Certified Energy Manager – Kyle Booth – recently wrote an article for Progressive Dairyman. The article is featured on their website and in the June 2015 printed issue. Kyle explains how proper maintenance of technologies such as ventilation and refrigeration, and use of simple technologies like engine block heater timers can have a significant impact on dairy energy usage and save producers money.

“Many dairies are needlessly wasting money by overlooking simple maintenance activities and other low-cost options. Paying attention to these areas will reduce your dairy’s energy costs without spending much time or money; a great first step toward making your dairy more energy-efficient and cutting some of your production costs.”

“If you’re still hunting around for ways to cut energy costs, consider investing in a full farm energy audit to identify more significant opportunities to save energy.”

To read the full content of the article click here.

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Jameson Elderpress