Five new ways to make your dairy more energy efficient


EnSave’s Engineering Team Lead and Certified Energy Manager – Kyle Booth – recently wrote an article for Progressive Dairyman. The article is featured on their website and in the March 2015 printed issue. Kyle explains how progressive dairymen who have already moved to traditional energy efficient technologies can save even more with newer technologies such as ozone laundry,  conductive cow cooling, and LED lighting.

“The market for energy-efficient products is constantly changing. What was cutting edge only a few years ago can become mainstream fairly quickly once it catches on, and with this change comes better quality and lower prices.”

“Walk into your local home improvement store today and you’ll probably have to look hard to find the familiar washers and bulbs you grew up with. If your dairy is confident that you’ve already taken care of the basic energy-efficiency upgrades, there are several technologies you will be hearing more about in the coming years.”

To read the full content of the article click here.

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Jameson Elder