Electric Utilities/Rural Electric Cooperatives

Southern California Edison

Operated the Agricultural Ventilation Fan Efficiency Program to promote the installation of energy efficient ventilation fans for agricultural producers. Offered rebates on the installation of fans. Funded through Southern California Edison’s Innovative Designs for Energy Efficiency Activities (IDEEA) Program.

Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Delivered the Dairy Energy Efficiency Program, starting in 2006 and continuing today. This program offers incentives to PG&E dairy customers for installing a range of energy efficiency measures.

Wisconsin Public Service Farm Audit Program

Provided several hundred energy audits from 1999-2007 within the utility’s farm rewiring program.

Central Vermont Public Service Corporation, Vermont

Completed on-site farm energy audits. Coordinated with customers and trade allies to install recommended measures.

Efficiency Vermont

Collaborated with Efficiency Vermont’s geo-targeting initiative to encourage and oversee energy efficiency retrofits for farmers in specific areas of the state. The program provided incentives for energy efficiency within geographic areas with aging substations in order to avoid costly upgrades to the electric grid.

Massachusetts Electric Corporation

Worked with to RCE, Inc. to provide on-site farm energy audits for Massachusetts and New Hampshire customers.

Otter Tail Power Company, Minnesota

Conducted a pilot farm energy audit program to evaluate the potential for a large-scale farm energy program.

Vermont Public Power Supply Authority

Provided farm energy audits, measure installation facilitation and farm energy educational support to utilities under the Authority.

Washington Electric Cooperative, Vermont

Provided dairy farm energy audits, presentations, education and measure installation facilitation. Provided analysis and recommendations for water heater fuel switching.

Xcel Energy, Minnesota

Delivered farm energy audits to a full spectrum of Xcel Energy farm customers. These farm energy audits were augmented by cash incentives offered to agricultural producers to install energy efficient measures.

Alliant Energy, Iowa

Surveyed electricians, farm equipment dealers, and related businesses to develop a database of trade allies for Alliant Energy. This identification of trade allies allowed Alliant Energy to market rebates to specific dealers that sell, lease, install and service energy efficient measures.

Central Maine Power Corporation

Conducted a pilot data gathering program, surveying agricultural customers ranging from greenhouse operations to dairy farms. EnSave developed educational materials for distribution to all dairy customers.

Green Mountain Power Corporation, Vermont

Conducted project management to coordinate with customers and trade allies to install energy efficient measures.

Wisconsin Electric Power Company

Operated a multi-year (1998-2000) farm energy conservation program that delivered energy efficient measures through farm equipment dealers, electricians and directly to the farmers.

Federal Agencies Environmental Protection Agency

Partnered with Upper Columbia Resource Conservation and Development Council and Blue Mountain Resource Conservation and Development Council. The program educated farmers in Eastern Washington about no-till direct seeding and provided incentives for every acre switched from conventional tillage to no-till direct seeding. Enrolled 16,000 acres and reduced diesel use by 60%.

USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service

Registered as a technical service provider to provide agricultural energy management plans in 48 states. Has also been awarded four state Conservation Innovation Grants to provide training for energy management plan data collectors. Provided training in New Jersey, Montana, Colorado, and Missouri.

CEED Ozone Laundry Program (VT)

Through a partnership with Green Mountain Power EnSave offered a 75% incentive (not to exceed $6,750) towards the installation of ozone generating retrofits on conventional commercial washers. The program was available to Vermont Business owners and farms with light industrial washing machines in the CVPS legacy service region in Vermont and was funded through Green Mountain Power’s Community Energy and Efficiency Development Fund (CEED). Vermont Gas customers within the CVPS legacy service territory were also eligible.

By converting conventional washers to ozone washers program participants were able to:

  • Reduce water use
  • Reduce hot water use
  • Reduce the use of chemical laundry detergents
  • Reduce energy use
  • Reduce labor

The CEED Ozone Laundry Program ended in December, 2016.

Dairy Energy Efficiency Program (CA)

The Dairy Energy Efficiency Program (DEEP) offered cash incentives on variable speed drives, plate coolers, compressor heat recovery units, scroll compressors, lighting, and ventilation to dairy customers of Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E).

EnSave worked with PG&E customers beginning in 2002, and operated this program as part of PG&E’s 2015 third-party program portfolio. Since 2006, EnSave’s Dairy Energy Efficiency Program worked with over 400 California dairies and saved over 16 million kWh for these farmers.

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