Nonprofit Organizations, Educational Institutions, Trade Associations

Southern New Hampshire Resource Conservation and Development

Partnered with the Southern New Hampshire Resource Conservation and Development Council and Merrimack County Conservation District to deliver 25 farm energy audits to small and medium-sized producers throughout New Hampshire. EnSave trained representatives of the Conservation District as energy data collectors, and worked with the two organizations to provide energy audits and energy technical assistance to participating farmers.

Virginia Cooperative Extension

Partnered with Virginia Cooperative Extension to train extension personnel as energy data collectors. We worked cooperatively with the University to deliver energy audits as part of the Energy Audit Pilot Program for On-Farm Energy Conservation and Outreach.

Propane Education & Research Council

Worked with the Propane Education & Research Council to investigate opportunities for propane marketers to promote farm energy efficiency. EnSave trained representatives from Iowa propane marketers, worked with the marketers to complete energy audits, and evaluated the potential for the propane industry to use energy audits as a tool for customer education and retention.

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